Security Solutions

Controlling who has access to your building, specific floors, select areas, and even critical rooms, not only protects your capital investments, and trade secrets, it can also mean protecting the lives of your employees from unlawful intrusion by unauthorized individuals. Beyond the safety features afforded your business by installing an Access Control System, you will be able to monitor the arrival and departure times of deliveries, guests, and employees and perform a facility or area lock down from any PC, reader, or mobile device.

Access Control

- With an advanced Access Control System, authorization can be granted and revoked when YOU choose.
- Electronic access points can be established at all entry points to your facility, as well as within your elevators and specified areas for your most trusted personnel.
- Employee cards and codes can be implemented immediately upon hire, and restricted instantly upon termination.
- Save money by not re-keying locks when a key goes missing, or an employee is fired.
- Delivery services and guests can be welcomed, but restricted to your public areas, or any area of your choosing.
- Monitor, and document, the arrival and departure times of deliveries, guests, and employees.
- Choose cellular, network, or dial-up communication options to ensure your system is in constant contact with your monitoring services.
- Control your system via text messages, and receive text or email alerts of alarms and other system events
- Easy operation ensures your system will actually be used by employees, with fewer false alarms
- Manage your business with a single, simple-to-use system

Video Surveillance

- Incredible image clarity gives you more detail and zoom capabilities
- Allows rapid response by giving you access to the video feed from your office or mobile device with internet connection
- Maximum image resolution which utilizes minimum bandwidth and increased storage capabilities
- There’s no need to trash your old video cameras, the new IP video cameras and software can be integrated, creating a new “hybrid” system which will work seamlessly together.
- The new architecture will allow you to scale your system as needed.
- Add an unlimited number of cameras as your business grows.
- You can choose between a variety of camera features, styles and resolutions.
- Guaranteed to fit your needs and budget. Easy to stay up to date with evolving technology by upgrading IP software
- Easy installation of wireless cameras saves you the expense of wiring installation.
- Receive alerts on your cell phone or email
- Seamless integration with your existing intrusion and access control systems.

Intrusion Detection

Before an intruder can break in, they must cross your premises barriers. This would include exterior video surveillance, door and window sensors, as well as beam detection sensors. Your security system can be programmed to sound the alarm immediately or set with a time delay to give you the opportunity to disarm the system. Time delays are most often used on a main access door where people normally enter or exit the premises.

INTERIOR PROTECTION If an intruder were to enter your building, your interior devices would serve as a secondary deterrent. Devices available to you include motion and glass break detectors. Motion detectors can be set to “stay” or “away” to allow for employees still inside the building.

Contact Switches: Contact switches are installed on doors and windows to detect when the door or window has been opened.
Motion Detectors: Motion detectors are most commonly installed in hallways, corridors, and within rooms that contain a high concentration of valuables.
Glass Breakage Detectors: Glass breakage detectors are normally installed near accessible glass windows and doors at the exterior of the building.
Panic & Holdup: Buttons that allow users to notify authorities silently.
Alarms/Signaling Devices: Activates when an intrusion is detected, warning employees, neighbors and the intruder. There are both audible and visual types of signaling devices.